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PIXIO Magnetic Blocks provide endless construction opportunities. Enjoy vibrant pixelated artwork that you can build and rebuild in any shape or pattern.

Small and light, each ABS plastic cube is only 8 millimeters on each side and weighs a little over 1 gram. Magical magnetic construction is made possible by six magnets within each block, allowing them to pop together when held or manipulated. Grab a handful of blocks to create an impromptu arrangement of themed colors, or carefully design people and creatures by following instructions provided in the free PIXIO app.

Whichever way you choose to build, there is a PIXIO set to meet your needs. Find the color palette or the creature collection that inspires your imagination to stack, organize, assemble, and display. Pull them apart and build again to discover new shapes and unique color combinations. You are sure to find mental and tactile satisfaction with each colorful construction masterpiece!