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Time for kids to unleash their creativity with the retro-tastic Shrinkorama!

These clever little craft kits pack a big punch in the play-value department with creative coloring, a little bit of science and some hands-on decorating to be done. Color in the pre-cut designs, pop them in the oven and watch the colors intensify as the tags harden and shrink to more than half their size!

The end result is 5 hardy little personalized bag tags that children can decorate their bags and belongings with.

  • Fun family activity
  • Art and crafts project meets science experiment
  • Pre-cut tags shrink down to more than half their size!
  • Each set includes: 5x pre-cut unique designs, 3x keychains and 6 colored pencils
  • Ideal for ages 4-8 (with adult supervision)