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Fingears Magnetic Rings


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I am sure you have never seen a toy like this before! Fingears are magnetic, free-style rings that you spin on your fingers, do tricks with, stick them to other magnets, play games with friends when combining more than one pack of them, and whatever your else your mind thinks of. These expand imagination, improve dexterity and spin away your stress. Don't let yourself be fooled though, these are most definitely a skill toy first and then a fidget toy!


  • Small: 16mm / 0.6"
  • Medium: 19mm / 0.7"
  • Large: 21mm / 0.8" (Will be back soon)

 Adult men tend to be large, adult women and teens tend to be medium, and children tend to be medium to small. But, they all work together! You'll want to mix small, medium, and large to master the coolest tricks!