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Maya Skies are the newish, lower- cost, non-modular version of the Astrojax Weave (they have 600 stitches per ball, others have 1000!). The balls are slightly smaller than other versions of the Weave, have roughly the weight of Maya Stars (and the discontinued foam "Plus" version), use non-transparent polyethylene vortexes, and come in three color schemes. The length of the string is easily altered for children of different heights by moving the locations of the end knots. (The string should only be shortened by less than 2 inches for shorter children.) The shorter (35 inch), thicker (2.2 mm) string and lighter balls provide playful, lively orbits.

I find Astrojax particularly relaxing and stress- relieving to use; plus, my friends always want to try them out!

Maya Skies are great for beginners, as well as players of all skill levels. 

Great for beginners and players of all levels! With 8 gram central weights and polyethylene vortexes, Maya Sky play is fun and lively. 

Comes in a beautiful, hand-woven fabric Bolsa Bag with a 12-page instruction booklet.