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Ooze Labs Experiment Tubes


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Grab and go! Ooze Labs are fun and simple science experiments in big chunky plastic test tubes! Each Ooze Lab tube contains a simple science experiment to create a safe material that is both fun to play with and chemically interesting.

Choose from:
Magnetic Slime: Mix up a batch of slime that reacts to a magnet. Ages 7+
Magic Sand: Explore the bizarre properties of hydrophobic (water-hating) sand, which never gets wet and forms fascinating structures underwater. Ages 7+
Glow-in-the-Dark Slime: Whip up a batch of slime that stores light energy and then glows in the dark! Ages 6+
Sunshine Slime: Make a slime that changes color from white to pink-orange in strong ultraviolet light, like direct sunlight. Ages 7+
Galaxy Slime: Using a combination of blue slime powder, glow pigment and two types of glitter you can create your own unique galaxy slime. Ages 7+
Quicksand Oozebleck: Mix your own oobleck — a mysterious oozy substance that behaves a little like quicksand. It becomes a rigid solid under force, but runs like a liquid when no force is applied. Ages 6+