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Snipe Hunt Game


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We all know what a Snipe Hunt is, right? It has been a practical joke involving more experienced folks making fun of newbies by giving them the impossible task of hunting for Snipe making it sound easy when, in fact, Snipe are super rare and, some say, non-existent. (They do exist.)  

This is a great game! Played indoors or outdoors, by teams or just two kids. Starting at the Snipe's "nest", the teams/kids each run off and hide their Snipe (they are 4") and then meet back at the nest. Then you start running around looking for the other team's Snipe. After 2-1/2 minutes the Snipe's let out little chirps, and after 5 minutes their eye's light up--fun for summer nights. The first team/kid to find the other snipe and return it to the nest wins. This simple, active game is great for all ages. 

Requires 4 AA batteries which are included.