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The 12 wooden cubes may look innocent enough while sitting in their tray, but figuring out what cube belongs in which spot can be quite the challenge. Try to decipher the cryptic clues on any of the 25 puzzle cards that accompany this set to determine how the colors should be arranged. If you’re stumped, don’t worry! – The answers to each puzzle are on the back of the card.
Challenge yourself to solve the clues on the 25 puzzle cards and find the correct spot for each colored block on the tray. The puzzle cards show a starting point for some blocks and you must use logic to arrange the other blocks according to the clues. All answers are provided on the back of each puzzle card so you can check your arrangement once all blocks are in place.
The cards are numbered one to twenty-five and get progressively more difficult. Start with the first puzzle card and work your way in order as many cards will establish rules that are useful in future cards.
Sometimes you will encounter a clue that does not make sense to you immediately. These are typically the moments a new rule is introduced. Take a look at the color positions that hint at understanding what the clue means.

Suggested Age: 8 Years and Up
Type of Game: Game
Number of Players: 1
Includes: Wood display tray, twelve colored cubes, 25 puzzle cards
Material: Wood
Created By: Project Genius