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Meet Lola Dutch, a delightfully creative girl bursting with ideas—perfect for any child who’s ever been told they’re just too much!
It's the start of a new day, and Lola Dutch is full of creative plans! Even if her enthusiasm is sometimes a bit much, Lola is inspired to make every day grand!
With the help of animal friends, she cooks up a fantastic feast for breakfast, devours great books at the library, paints a masterpiece for every wall (the ceiling too!), and builds a majestic bedtime fort. While her dear companion Bear sometimes says she is just too much, this energetic girl is full of inspiration and imagination, which even Bear will agree is amazing.
Etsy sensation and children's textile designer Sarah Jane and husband Kenneth Wright introduce the unstoppable Lola Dutch, perfect for fans of classic feisty girls Eloise, Olivia, and Madeline. You’ll love her so much!

Ages 3 to 6