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 Turn your room into a magical dragon's lair!

Colored with immensely brilliant designs and made up of huge, bulky puzzle pieces, this gigantic dragon stretches an amazing four and a half feet across the playroom floor.

Just its head is nearly as long as your little one's arm!

Bright colors and all kinds of fascinating visual textures - including flowers, scales, lines, and more - inspire an explosion of jigsaw puzzle excitement.

Send your little one's mind reeling with tactile and visual learning excitement with the Djeco Leon The Dragon Giant Puzzle.

Djeco Leon The Dragon Giant Puzzle

  • 54.3 inch puzzle of a beautiful dragon
  • Encourages fine motor skills, visual and tactile learning
  • Kids become overjoyed by puzzle's sheer size
  • Designed with brilliant colors, fascinating visual textures
  • Fun and exciting to put together - a delight to admire when finished
  • Includes 36 puzzle pieces, durable storage box
  • Reliable Djeco design and construction
  • Made of strong, durable cardboard materials