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Rainbow Unicorn Rescue is a classic action-packed board game filled with excitement and adventure. Games last 10-15 minutes.

Invented by two sisters and their dad, here in Fort Collins!

About the Game:

Dr. No Fun has captured all the Unicorns, and only you can set them free.

"Rainbow Unicorn Rescue" is a fast-paced game that is fun for the whole family. With interactive elements like making funny animal sounds, or hidden paths to keep the game interesting, Rainbow Unicorn Rescue was designed to keep young attention spans engaged.

Two Ways to Play: 

Rainbow unicorn can be played as a head-to-head game, where the first one to finish is the winner. Or it can be played as a cooperative game, where players designate one game piece to be Dr. No Fun, and players cheer on each other to finish before Dr. No Fun does.

Each Game Includes :

1 Game Board

1 Spinner

4 Wood Game Pieces

27 Rainbow Cards

Ages 4+ | 10-15 minute play time | 2-4 Players