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Stitch yourself a cuddly companion! This is an excellent kit for children who are new to crafting, but still want to have the satisfaction of making something cute without the help of older family members. The kit is free from messy components like glue, the need for cutting pieces, or complex assembly; it utilizes only one basic stitch and two easy knots. However, it’s still chock-full of pleasing accessories to make. The glittery fairy wings are my personal favorite! The little bunny at the core of this kit is in two pre-cut pieces and only needs a simple stitch and a little stuffing to spring to life. Then, you can adorn her in the included outfits and accessories you’ll put together, and even give her a little bunny friend of her own to love! Although most pieces of this kit are pre-assembled and require little “finishing”, the included instructions contain step-by-step illustrated diagrams. Kit includes two felt bunny pieces to make a 10” rabbit, a teeny felt bunny, 2 yards of yarn, one plastic needle, 0.4 oz. polyester stuffing, 7 felt clothing / fabric accessory pieces, five pre-knotted elastic cords, 1.4 yds of untied elastic cord, 5 beads, 2 pom-poms, 30 strips of tulle, 13 glitter foam stickers, 1 pair of acetate fairy wings, and complete instructions for assembling the bunny outfits. The kit also includes 8 accessories, a drawstring bag for carrying your new friend - and a tiny felt heart to put in your bunny’s chest when you stitch her up.

Hop into fun with this cuddly bunny that kids can stitch up and stuff themselves. Then get her ready for work or play with 6 ready-made garments, plus accessories. Make a funny bunny, a fairy bunny or any bunny! There’s even a travel tote to take her on new adventures!

• Makes 1 bunny stuffy and 8 sweet accessories

• Simple to stitch, fun to dress and play

• Cute and cuddly craft perfect for kids

• Includes 11” tote included for stowing and going

• Kit includes 1 drawstring bag, 5 plastic beads, 2 pom pom beads, 2 yds (1.8 m) acrylic yarn, 30 pcs polyester tulle, 5 knotted elastic cords, 1.38 yds (1.27 m) elastic cord, 11 pcs felt, 13 glitter foam stickers, 1 pc acetate, .4 oz (11.3 g) polyester stuffing, 1 plastic needle, and detailed instructions