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Colored Pencils World Colors-15 Count


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Growing up, every single Christmas I could count on getting fresh art supplies from my parents. Now I was, and still am not, an artist by any stretch of the word, but I absolutely loved getting those fresh supplies each year and I used them with finesse and joy, if not talent. It so happens that the supplies that I received were almost always Faber Castell.

The company is keeping up with the times and has created a set of pencils that includes three super-soft, blendable, duo-tone pencils that enable one to draw a person of any skin tone. The colors were developed by make-up artists and the pencil wood is made from certified sustainably harvested wood. 

Fun Fact:  Faber Castell, has been around since 1761, and is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world.

Product Dimensions: 7.7x 0.25x 8.25 in