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Kruselings Chloe Riding Cowgirl Doll


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For a hundred years there had been peace in Dreamland, when suddenly monsters emerged from the Sea of Dreams and upset everything. Summoned by a glowing red heart, the great Fire Opal, five brave girls were sent out to save the dreams of the world. They are Luna, Vera, Chloe, Sofia and Joy.

Hi! I’m Chloe from London, England. In my exciting city I can always find inspiration for fresh new ideas. With my magic paintbrush I can bring color to everything around me.

Chloe the Rider is one of Kruselings amazing dolls! Kruselings dolls are the Guardians of Dreamland, brave adventurers who want to make the world a better place and serve as role models for all girls. They believe in friendship, togetherness and teamwork, and each one has her own magical ability. Chloe is wearing a plaid shirt and jeans paired with a belt and riding boots. Chloe Sofia is a 9 in. doll of high quality vinyl, with 13 moveable joints and life-like looking glass eyes. Suitable for children 36 months and over.