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Curvimeter- Build your Own- Stem


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UGears models for 8 year old's and older? Heck yeah! The curvimeter is here to help you measure curves, after you build it of course. To use the device, roll its wheel across the item you want to measure, as the wheel moves, the measuring hand moves as well, tracking how far the wheel has traveled. If your distance is greater than one rotation, the device also tracks how many rotations it has completed. Once you've measured the entire item, multiply the number displayed on the face by the number of rotations to find the total distance!

How the curvimeter was invented is a mystery but, it can be dated back to Virtuvius the Roman around 23 BCE or Zhang Heng, a Chinese intellectual. Finally the patent was secured by Edward Russel Morris in 1873

As you assemble the curvimeter, be careful not to bend or break any of the more than 100 wooden parts, but if you do have an accident, use UGears' website to request a free replacement. You also have the choice of painting the model, although this step will add a few days to the project. Avoid acrylic paints, since they tend to be so thick that it's hard for the gears to move. Watercolors are a good option as long as you let them dry completely before continuing with assembly.