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Goodnight Mermaid

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Created by local Fort Collins author Karla Oceanak, and illustrator Allie Ogg!

As the full moon rises, we meet the lively, lovely mermaids. They sing, dance, and swim with a breathtaking array of oceangoing friends, from turtles and seals to whales, octopi, polar bears, and many more.

And here come the mermaids’ cousins―the adorable selkies and the fairy-like nymphs!

Meanwhile, Her Majesty the Merqueen keeps watch over them all.

Say goodnight to this marvel of strong, smart, and kind mermaids dedicated to caring for their ocean home.

Readers curious about mermaid habits, anatomy, and likes and dislikes will love diving into the Mermaidology facts that follow the story! And if you recite the Mermaid Pledge on the final page, you, too, will be transformed into an honorary mermaid.

This enchanting mermaid picture book in the style of Goodnight Moon will be a favorite among mermaid lovers of all ages as well as children and families who treasure our oceans and the astonishing creatures that inhabit them. STEM themes meet mermaid magic!