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Bring the magical world of fairies inside with these 8 cute crafts!
Kids will love making everything from the tiny fairy doors, to fairy beds, to a welcoming garland, to the pretty fairies themselves—and more.
They’ll have so much fun, they’ll even make up some new fairy tales of their own.
  • Fairy doors
  • Fairy wand
  • Fairy dust necklace
  • A fairy crown
  • Fairy house
  • Flower blossom fairy dolls
  • Fairy beds
  • Fairy welcome banner
Craft-tastic - I Love Fairies Kit
  • Fairy-themed craft kit
  • Encourages imaginative play, design skills, fine motor skills
  • 8 cute projects are a fun way for kids to explore the magical and enchanting fairy world
  • Easy and fun way to welcome fairies into your home
  • Projects to make: Fairy doors, Fairy wand, Fairy dust necklace, A fairy crown, Fairy house, Flower blossom fairy dolls, Fairy beds, Fairy welcome banner
  • Kit includes 3.5 yards of acrylic yarn, 32 yards of cotton thread, 93 pieces of adhesive, 4 fabric flowers, glitter, 26 pieces of paper, 1 paper straw, 2 chenille stems, 1 plastic vial, 1 pom pom and 2 wood beads
  • Ages 6+