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Chapter Book About a Rabbit Hero!

When Larry is born with droopy ears, his parents don't know what to do. Larry is an outcast until he outwits the farmer with his lop ears. He brings back a bundle of carrots for the Easter celebration's carrot cake and becomes the village hero. Written in a style reminiscent of Beatrix Potter with timeless illustrations that capture the story's sweetness. This is sure to be an Easter classic. Includes carrot cake recipe. 

Written and illustrated by bunny lovers. Psst: Hester Applebee is my pen name.

Here are some reviews:

"Very inviting story with relatable themes - who hasn’t felt lop-eared at one time or another? I found the Easter Egg award ceremony especially adorable. I could picture the bunnies all aquiver with anticipation. Just so innocent and sweet."

- Nancy Marsh, Co-founder and Senior Editor of HUTCH magazine

 A heart-warming story with the feel of a timeless classic

"This was such a heart-warming read! I love how it has the feel of a timeless classic, in terms of both the sweet story and gorgeous illustrations. It would be a perfect read-aloud for young children - and a book that early elementary-schoolers could read on their own."

- Laura Resau, children's author

As a grandma, I can not wait to read Lop-Eared Larry to my delightful new granddaughter Amelia. Larry has a unique appearance when compared to the other bunnies in Hare Hallow. As the adventure unfolds, Larry gathers courage to view his difference as a strength. He decides to put it to use in an imaginative way in Old Man Hooley's vegetable garden. His courage will benefit all the rabbit families in the hollow. There are many lovely lessons and insights beautifully woven into this sweet tale by Hester Applebee and beautifully Illustrated by Brittany David. Happily available just in time for Easter.

- Janice Petterson, grandmother

Publication date: 01/02/2022

Pages: 50

Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.14(d)

Age Range: 5 - 8 Years