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Our PIXIO® NEON set has the vivid personality of a big city at night. When darkness falls, cities start to look like huge abstract paintings. The familiar colors of storefronts explode in a shower of neon signs.  Our PIXIO® NEON set is a burst of five colors — turquoise, yellow, orange, pink, and violet.  These bold shades refuse to go unnoticed, and they catch the eye in any combination. Use our NEON set to create abstract shapes in everything from vibrant glows to warm lamplight, depending on how many colors you use in your 3D model. These colors make for interesting interactions with more restrained PIXIO® ABSTRACT SERIES sets.  

When the city sleeps, your abstract dreams wake. 

60 magnetic blocks - Toy for kids and adults - Small building blocks 

Number of blocks 60 pcs
Box dimensions 3.15x3.15x3.15 in
Box weight 0.19 lb