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“Did you know that you can muffle a noisy door latch with a rubber band? Use Press’n Seal as a makeshift bib? Defeat glitter with a ball of play dough? Every parent will find solutions in [this]…incredibly helpful book.”
Life with kids just got easier with these 134 ingenious hacks developed by parents just like you.
Put the ketchup under the hot dog, minimizing the mess. Strap baby into a forward-facing carrier when you need to trim her fingernails—it frees your hands while controlling the squirming. Or stash a wallet in a disposable diaper at the beach—who would ever poke through what looks like a used Pamper?
All these hacks are easy to do, are boldly illustrated, and use everyday items in unexpected ways. And the range—from pregnancy and postpartum, through sleep, eating, bath time, travel, and more—covers all the most critical years when parents really need a little extra help. ​“Just . . . genius.”—Buzzfeed
Inside Parent Hacks you’ll find cleverly-illustrated hacks for:
  • Organizing your home
  • Managing your time
  • Meals, travel, and holidays
  • Potty training, bath time, health, and sleep
  • Activities for fun and learning
  • Creative reuses for household items such as hanging shoe organizers and laundry baskets.
  • Helpful lists like “7 pretend games you can play lying down,” and “19 cleaning and organizing projects that take 10 minutes or less.”