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Parent Hacks, a book for new parents


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Culled from over 4000 posts on Asha’s award-winning blog (plus all-new material), Parent Hacks is a reminder that every parent eventually has a moment of genius that deserves to be celebrated. The ideal gift for your favorite parent-to-be.

"Did you know that you can muffle a noisy door latch with a rubber band? Use Press’n Seal as a makeshift bib? Defeat glitter with a ball of play dough? Every parent will find solutions in [this]…incredibly helpful book."

Inside Parent Hacks you’ll find clever hacks for:

  • Organizing your home
  • Managing your time
  • Meals, travel, and holidays
  • Potty training, bath time, health, and sleep
  • Activities for fun and learning


  • Creative reuses for household items such as hanging shoe organizers and laundry baskets.
  • Helpful lists like “7 pretend games you can play lying down,” and “19 cleaning and organizing projects that take 10 minutes or less.”