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Pocket Star Finder


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Who knew you could fit so much in your pocket?!

With the pocket star finder your kids can learn the night sky over North America, Europe and Asia. All you need is a clear night and this stellar 5-inch tool to identify all the major constellations and find the visible planets. Perfect for camping and backpacking excursions!

Ages: 8 years to adult

  • 5-inch pocket star wheel
  • Find the brightest stars and constellations in the Northern night sky by simply matching the time on one wheel with the date on the other!
  • Learn the sky over North America, Europe and Asia (designed for 40 degrees North & all mid-northern latitudes)
  • Weather-proof, fun and easy to use!
  • 40 major constellations and 60 brightest stars
  • Includes night vision filter for your flashlight