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 How well do you know HARRY POTTER™? In this fast-paced game, you will soon find out! We’ve pulled together 300 quotes from your favorite cast of characters over 8 movies. Who said them? Think twice! We sprinkled in a few fake quotes that sound real. Guess the movie for an optional challenge! 

What’s It About: Who Says? is a Quote-Trivia card game that challenges players to prove how well they know their favorite Harry Potter characters.

How to Play: Compete with your friends and family (or even play solo) to identify which of your favorite characters said the quote.

  • Watch out for Fake Quotes that sound real, so think twice before answering. Guess the Episode name for an Optional Challenge and an extra point!
  • Each Who Says? game contains 100 Quote Cards -- 3 quotes per card -- for a total of 300 quotes, plus 28 Character Cards, and 4 Fake Quote Cards.
  • With its wide range of quotes, Who Says? engages casual fans to super fans so everyone can play. 
  • Recommended for Ages 10+

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